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Tradition and progress
Amika is a brand of Eurotec, a world leader in professional warewashing.
Amika, present on the market for many years, proposes a new product range featuring strong points such as top flight performance, ease of use and maintenance and low consumption. Two ranges, one with electromechanical interface and one with electronic interface able to cater to all washing requirements.

Quality and technologies
Amika dishwashers are manufactured in Italy at two state-of-the-art plants according to ISO 9001:2008 certified quality procedures and ISO 14001:2004 certified workplace safety and environment impact procedures.

Low running cost
Low environmental impact
Amika glasswasher are designed to deliver excellent washing results with low energy consumption and reduced running costs.
Water consumption, in ideal installation conditions, is a mere 2 liters/rack for glasswahser and 2.8 liters/rack for dishwasher, one of the lowest values amongst those of competitor products in the same class. Consequently, power consumption is also reduced.

Reduced consumption of detergents
The patented drain system improves water exchange efficiency in the tank from 66% to 83% compared with a conventional gravity waste; cleaner water makes it possible to use lower concentrations of detergents. 

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