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GGF was established in Treviso in 1985, a town 30Km north of Venice, where the company began to manufacture and sell professional catering equipment for both pizzeria’s and restaurants. With encouraging feedback from customers and positive growth in both national and international markets, GGF soon becomes a market leader in its field.

Today, GGF has two establishments, one in Dosson di Casier, Treviso, and the other in Thiene, Vicenza, totalling in excess of 5000sqm of space, enabling us to keep everything in house, from design, to engineering, to manufacture and finally the assembly of all our equipment.

Due to considerable recent investment, we have been able to modernize our plant and speed up our manufacturing process, providing GGF with more flexibility and time to develop and create new exciting models.

Everything within our products’ range is manufactured with passion and meticulous attention to detail, using only high quality components. Our products are then sold worldwide through a network of professional Distributors and catering equipment professionals.

Our Products
PIZZA OVENS - Electric or Gas - many models to suit all sizes of business and use, capable of baking Pizzas from Ø30cm (12”) to Ø36cm (14”). Electric range finished in both stainless steel and rustic version, Gas range finished in stainless steel.
PIZZA ROLLERS from 30 cm (12”) to 40 cm (15”), essential tools for working pizza dough, enabling anyone to have both the speed and ability of the most experienced Pizzaiolo.
SPIRAL DOUGH MIXERS of two versions – with fixed head and bowl, and with retractable head and removable bowl – giving perfect dough every time, that is ready for the proving process;
SLICERS, MOZZARELLA AND VEGETABLE CUTTERS - useful time-saving tools, which perfectly complement our range of professional pizza equipment;
DOUGHSHEETERS for both bakeries and pastries - professional machines very much appreciated by our customers for their durability, consistency, ease of use and working precision.

With over 20 years of experience, growing year on year and expanding both our knowledge and expertise, GGF is true market leader and an essential partner to whomever has the passion for real Pizza and who wants to continue the tradition and the quality of a “Made in Italy” speciality.

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Печь для пиццы G.G.F. X4/36
доставка 3-5 дней
Артикул: ОР47692
камера 720х720х140mm

Страна происхожденияИталия
73 155 руб.
Печь для пиццы G.G.F. X44/36
доставка 3-5 дней
Артикул: ОР47693
камера 720х720х140mm

Страна происхожденияИталия
113 259 руб.
Рейтинг@Mail.ru Яндекс.Метрика

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