Since 1991 we have supplied our clients with ICE, wherever they are and whatever they need.
Cooling, refreshing, preserving: our business is ice. Through extensive research and observation we have come to thoroughly understand its character and potential.


Crystalline, compact, thirst-quenching, and above all cold, very cold ice. If you need ice every day, procure it from those who produce it with skill and competence, keeping in mind technological innovation and design at all times. NTF’s ice makers supply every kind of ice you may need, delivering freshness for every occasion.


All NTF‘s ice makers comply with the highest quality standards as certified by the EC and TÜV Rheinland marks and comply with local quality standards in the majority of countries we operate. Subsequently we are able to grant the best production and energy saving efficiency while never compromising the quality or aesthetic looks of the ice. Essential but attractive design, emphasized by the use of stainless steel, allow NTF ice makers to compliment any furnishing or room.


NTF constantly invests in high qualified staff and a safe workplace, in the application of progressively advanced technologies, pursuing innovation and research and aiming for excellence of results.


Our primary mission is the full satisfaction of all your customers.